Thursday, March 17, 2005

The meaning of the letter R

I notice the changes in this little girl more when I am away.

Her mother did not seem to notice, but I did. The letter R comes to mind.

The mouth of kks can rap itself around an R.

I have accepted that I am not going to get rid of Dora the Explorer any time soon, so I am making an attempt at embracing this little Latina...kks and I look for Swiper the Fox just about everywhere. In the local HyVee, on Louise Avenue, in the church. That R sound comes out clear as a bell--a sign that she is not a baby. A W sound speaks baby to me. An R means a little girl is about ready to start giving me sentences--maybe she'll be on the debate team. Maybe she'll run for public office or be a preacher. Or maybe she will take on the vocation Mrs. Kanellis or Ms. Adkins, my beloved teachers, or the captain of her hockey team.

That R means a lot.

She's talking to herself in her bedroom now. I think I'll go listen in before we are off for our days of doing stuff.


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