Wednesday, August 31, 2005

kks has done absolutely nothing for six months


The little kid did something.

It took six months.

Actually, her father is finally paying attention.

My parents were so good at taking pictures and placing them neatly in albums for posterity. I remember that friends would come over when I was a teenager, and I would show them many books of picutres--riding a ketchup bottle, sitting on the hood of the 1972 Milk Chocolate Brown Dodge Dart, drooling on my parents' bed with a smile on my face.

Are my wife and I so self-centered that we are contributing very little if anything for kks to share of her history with others? Occasionally I will contribute to her baby book. About every six months or so I will write in the KKS blog--even then--it's about me.

So what is kks doing?

From my side of the family, she lives in a world of movie quotes. Her ability is more than what my brothers and I can muster. She acts out entire scenes. Her verbal ability probably falls somewhere in between what mine or her mother's was at 2.5 years old, but damn, this girl can interpret a scene. I don't always understand the words she says, but I know she works hard at it. She does it non stop. Dora. Nemo. The Heffalump Movie. I hold a belief that there are strong clues to what the gifts are for someone in their activities as a child. Though kks may have other or different gifts--it would be foolish if we did not at least try acting classes when she gets a little older. I don't think there are any in the Sioux Falls Metro (I'll at least look). We won't be living here forever...

What kks does from her mother's side of the family is a little less flattering. So I will wait to share that one.

I suppose after six months of no posts, the readership has dwindled. I'll keep trying. Just needed a little momentum.


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