Friday, September 09, 2005

Going to Kids' Club at Church

i got a glimpse into kks' future. she loves to wear her backpack--just like she's going to school. these future peeks are more frequent these days. because of her size and cognitive ability, she has been moved up to preschool for a few hours each day. she towers over the toddlers. a good match, so i hear.

she was also invited to participate in the pre-k kids' club at church. i didn't think she could handle that much structure, and it was clear that some of the 5 year old boys thought this was too much baby stuff going on. kks likes the kinetic stuff--jumping, waving arms. standing up and sitting down. working on a craft project, gluing colored tissue squares to a picture of a dog. i've never observed kks for a long period of time in a group. she participates, but doesn't have extended interactions with any children. she has her own thing she wants to do.

i still don't understand the statement "she's growing up so fast."

it seems like we've had her for a long time...i like that pace.

maybe that perspective will change for me someday. despite the warnings, it still hasn't happened yet.

until then, i will enjoy the poetry of growth in kks.


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