Sunday, September 25, 2005

moving up on the popularity list

we have this joke in the household about who is the most popular if everyone living, breathing and pooping had a vote. for several months, the poll would have looked something like this.

1. mommy
2. kks
3. hunter, the doggie
4. daddy

on a recent trip to grandma and papa's house, what was once rumored seems true. daddy has moved up to #3. after kks had been left at grandma's for a few days, she had finally realized after a few hours that daddy had gone. she was not happy about it--walking around the house calling my name.

i was sad that kks had to endure this realization. but i am glad to have moved up the chart.

i have spent many days this summer hanging out with kks--doing the little things that sometimes i can miss. we had a date the other night to a local restaurant. kks wasn't eating much, but it was a time for just us. attention to the little things can make a big difference.


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