Friday, January 19, 2007

Everyone is honey

Kks has grown quite attached to her speech therapist. She calls her "honey," though that isn't particularly special these days. Everyone receives the name honey. Near Christmas, the speech therapist shared that she was going back to Washington for an early Christmas celebration--had to be on call on the 25th. Lots of shared lingo about Pacific Northwest life. When she announced the Washington trip, kks chimed in with the tag line from the University of Washington fight song "Bow Down To Washington." Her ST is a U Dub alum, so she was thrilled. Kks Great Granddad is no longer with us, but as a loyal U Dub Alum himself, hopefully he learned of this singing somewhere in the afterlife, he would have been proud.

Lacking visualization of the two child parenting life, the last 3 months surprised my workload--quadrupled! I lost my will to write--I hope to recover the gift of observation of these two little girls in my house. I look forward to give this gift to kks someday, the joy of her presence, the pleasure of watching her learn and grow. Maybe we can talk about it over a cup of tea with honey.


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