Monday, July 10, 2006

First day of Vacation Bible School

Kks has adjusted to attending events at the congregation I serve. Most weeks of her life involve participating in the life of her mother's congregation. I like that she comes to work with me--this week Vacation Bible School allows us more time to connect. Surrounded by many levels of hubbub upon entering the church, kks grabbed my hand without my directive (a rare occurrence--I love it when she does that). A woman who knows kks took her hand and they walked to where she needed to be when the day's activities began.

After a morning with doctors and nurses addressing the womb-developing sibling, I picked up kks and found no signs of trauma. On the way to the car she was singing songs--maybe even VBS songs. I took her out for a pancake lunch, and of to child care we travelled. As we speak, her mother is on the way so we can all go to swim lessons. Since kks will be swimming, she should be elated by the day's activities. Nutty suburban lifestyle in this big little town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota...

The way this congregation gets decked out for VBS is something special. Is it all necessary in order for the Gospel to be shared? Probably not, but adults and kids know that we gather in the midst of something special. It is a gift to gather for worship, learning, making friends and celebration.


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