Sunday, June 25, 2006

More wonder in my girl's brain

About 9:30 pm the other night, the family retired to the basement in order to cool off and move toward a state of quiet. The darkness of the basement tends to calm kks (and me, too). She would rather play in the daylight--and the summer light plays with our minds. Alaska in the summer might be tough for us.

Like a shooting star in that darkness, kks informed us of her full name. This may seem like no big deal, but we worked on this with her about 3 months ago and gave up because we received a blank stare. Considering the recent identified mysteries of her brain, we tend to look more to her interests in stimulating conversation. Her name had not been in her interests. Something is happening. We only hope to learn more--and we do much to continue that stimulation on many fronts.

Her speech therapist threw out a theory of this type of delayed announcement, as she did with her name . The combination of a strong will and a struggle to communicate may have breeded some perfectionism in kks' speech: maybe she won't say it until she knows she has it right. Maybe that's why she whispers her way through some conversations--she's practicing. These are only theories, of course, but they will have to do until we get to see the doctors.

I want to see the doctors. Soon.


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