Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Attempting more proactive parenting

Yesterday I picked up kks early from the child care facility and took her on a date to the local cinema. We viewed "Hoodwinked," a doctored-up Red Riding Hood story. The first 15 minutes were painful--then the film improved immensely. The script was properly targeted with obscure pop culture references to Gen X parents, mostly linked to the character of the Wolf--who spoke and dressed like Fletch. Not bad. There was also a hilarious scene where the lumberjack supplemented his acting income by selling Schnitzel on a Stick. I guess you had to be there.

Kks was equipped for the film with fruit punch, popcorn, fruit snacks and m&m. She likes to hold items as much as she likes to eat them. We made it through over an hour of an 80 minute movie, and kks decides she wants to run laps around the movie theater. I let her do it twice before I told her to sit down or we were leaving. Moving out to toward the entrance she said, "I want to watch the movie!" So we sat down. Repeat this scenario twice, and we were on our way home with about 2-3 minutes to go, kks screaming at the top of her lungs, "I want to watch the movie! I want to watch the movie!"

She has not had a tantrum like that in a few months. U-G-L-Y.

Things were a bit better when we returned home. No television--we played with puzzles and play-doh. Good times. Even thought the little girl was not the most cooperative, I felt we interacted better without the television. We even listened to some Great Big Sea--she's learning some of the songs. I'm limiting myself to a few television shows--ER, Boston Legal and Grey's Anatomy. These are also shows that come on after kks goes to bed.


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