Wednesday, December 14, 2005

O Tannenbaum

This family holds good intentions to get the Christmas tree up sometime during the first week of December. As we have the proclivity to put things off, the tree does not stand in our home until a week or so later. Some people crave the sunshine, I crave green, living things. An evergreen tree with lights stirrs memories of home and the white lights give me a sense of peace.

Kks finds curiosity in the tree as well. Is it okay to touch the ornaments? Is Dad watching? Will I get caught? How many more times can I touch the ornaments before I get a time out?

Kks loves the show "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown." How many times would I have watched this show if it was on DVD when I was a child...

Her acting skills are much more refined, triggered by music from the show. As we decorated the tree, we listen to the soundtrack for the show, and our little actress acted out the scenes associated with several songs. She glided across the carpet, simulating ice skating with the song in the show, and danced to one of Schroeder's calls to dance on the piano.

Peril must accompany tree decorating with a child. She crushed a glass ornament in her hand. We quickly picked up the glass to avoid stepping on it. Kks was not fazed, after playing for another 30 minutes, her mother noticed her hand was bleeding. She had a who cares attitude about the blood--moving to apoplectic at the thought of cleaning the wound. While applying first aid, she pleaded, "All done!? All done?!"

With the trauma ending, decoration etiquette beckons.


Part of the joy of children and the season.


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