Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A change of plans

As I blogged yesterday, I pondered the depth of consequence related to over 24 hours of driving to attend Thanksgiving festivities in Michigan. The more I pondered, the more I thought about flying. I remember the first time I checked flights this summer the cost was 4-500 dollars per ticket. The opportunity to drive on new roads into Michigan drew my attention. It was settled. Drive to Mt. Pleasant.

Kks is a well behaved little girl. She has her tantrums (don't we all), she has a strong will (makes sense in this family), but her mother and I frequently marvel at how she participates in the adult world. Some parents talk to me about how they never take their children anywhere. Not true for kks.

This thanksgiving trip will be her 6th trip...by airplane.

259 per ticket--according to current IRS mileage rates, flying will be less expensive for us than drving. Kks will be able to run around in the airport during layovers. We will be able to spend an extra day with family as opposed to spending it in the car.

Sounds like a good investment to get on that plane. Kendall's mother agreed with me. Air travel is not always bliss, but weighing the options--it's up, up, and away...

Happy Thanksgiving! We will enjoy it, too.


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