Sunday, November 20, 2005

Acquiescence to parenting publishing

My wife picked up a book last week about parenting. The books are not all the same, but my attitude generally is. To bore you with the title is not worth the effort of creating the link. There are too many trends to monitor and if I were a betting man, something I read and practice from a parenting book will cause kks to approach me in later years, wanting to cash in on the mythical "therapy jar."

I already know everything about parenting, dammit.

Okay, so I picked something up. To simplify the thought: "The louder she screams, the softer your voice goes."

I tried this today. The list of Sunday events after church include managing waves of crabbyness in the three of us. I made a demand on kks, and her response involved shouting. To tell you how she screams...well, I can't. I plead the Fifth (hint: it sounds a lot like me when I scream). For some reason, the grace of God came to me and I spoke softly to her. As her grandmother calls kks the magpie. She responded with a soft voice and touched my arm. Calm. Extended crabbyness, averted.

This technique is actually similar in congregations. They shout a lot about their predicaments. I respond with a calm voice.

To practice at home what I preach at church is not easy. At least my wife is willing to take in some parenting wisdom, and maybe I can grow up and take some, too.


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