Saturday, October 29, 2005

Planting Title Nine Seeds

I am going to this costume party tonight against my better judgment with my wife. Pastors generally don't go to parties on Saturday nights--but once in awhile there are exceptions.

Kks is going to stay home with her grandparents this evening--but she did get involved in this costume thing. I am reluctant to invest a lot of money in costumes. After a brief excursion to the local party store, I learned I could be Spider Man, the Incredible Hulk, a guy with a knife coming out of my head, a hippie or a doctor.

Off to the local sporting goods store--with a few hockey accessories and stuff from home, I could be be a hockey player.

In my search for Kks' college scholarship (athletic or academic), I will introduce her to activities that might create a more well-rounded girl. Even though I know little about hockey--I picked up a hockey stick for Kks--and we'll hit a hockey ball in the driveway. If she likes it, we'll keep playing. We may have a starting left wing for Cornell in the making.

At least we can have some fun father-daughter time.


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