Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Transition into Preschool

After a few months of towering over the other toddlers--the wise folks at Kks' child care facility decided it was time for the not-so-little girl to move on in to preschool. Today I took Kks directly to the preschool area. I watched her case the joint. She didn't want to leave my side. Why?

1. She really does love her Daddy.
2. She was not sure if she wanted to enter an arena she couldn't dominate. She's only bigger than HALF the kids in preschool. There are some in there she couldn't squash like a grape (Maybe this is just guy think).
3. It is a fairly new place and a new routine, and she approached it like any human being would approach a new situation--with a little bit of skepticism.

I vote for #3--although I do like to entertain options 1 and 2.

The teachers talk about Kks' cognitive abilities in relation to toddlerhood and preschool. I guess that is important as opposed to sheer physical domination...


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