Sunday, October 09, 2005

Becoming more difficult to leave home

I have a great trip coming up that will be at least mentioned (maybe even chronicled) in my other blog, madhousegazette.

Kks is making it more difficult to leave home. I love babies. But the personality that kks is developing turns the heads of her parents more than once per day. "Did you hear what she said?"

The words hang there like every one should be recorded for posterity. I'm not sure what wisdom or publication value these words offer. But like a single black or blue or rasp berry they are to be enjoyed in their season--picked and enjoyed. I remember few individual berries themselves. Maybe someday I can give Kks this blog and she can talk about the berries she gave her mother and me.

Before going for a walk in Wenatchee when she stayed with her grandparents back in the room, she waved at us, said bye bye and to our amazement, "Have a good time!"

After about 12 hours in transit from Seattle to Denver to Sioux Falls, we were both thankful that Kks found creative ways to keep herself occupied. She shares the wonder of her father to look out the window of an airplane and getting a wider snapshot of what the earth really does when it rotates on an axis--rock and soil varying over thousands of miles on a big blue marble.

Why would I want to miss any of this season by going to other places? I love to discover place. I pray that Kks has a joyful connection with her world and the people around her.


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