Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A relief to be home

Kks did not like it when I dropped her off at child care this morning. It's official. She really does like me.

The kid is resilient, but she is still just a kid. It is hard to leave someone that you love--and from my interpretation of her body language, she just wanted to be with me longer today. I tend to feel the same way when I depart from Melanie or my parents or brothers. Even though I was frazzled and tired, it was about all I could do to keep it together when I sent my brother off for his flight on Sunday. I had been able to hang out with him on several occasions over two weeks in many interesting places. It was just good to be with him.

Kks is a little girl who loves her independent time, but she just likes to know that we are around. She likes to share a discovery, a movie scene, a frustration. Even share a kiss.

I am glad that I can be home to experience this.

I may even go pick her up early today.


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