Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Learning about God from parenting

First of all--kks was not feverish throughout the night. We're keeping her home today so that her recovery is full. More liquids and rest today, though I imagine that difficulty in keeping her calm is ahead.

Some have written that parenting gives the parent a minute perspective of the way God experiences us. At times I watch kks reject anything associated with her mother and me: I can figure this out myself! What amazes me is I can offer her something, have that offering turned away and then a few moments later hear her request for the same thing--only then because it is "her" idea. I do not have a problem with this--my self-esteem bubble is such that affirmations from a 2-year-old are not required for daily living. I can also say that I imagine that in our future there will be times we may not be getting along. This may not change my relationship with kks--but pain of the heart may be closely connected. Is this a link to the suffering of God?

Commenting on co-dependency is one thing--I enjoy how we seek to connect with one another and how those emotions and actions for kks grow into maturity. She is growing beyond mere repetition of what her mother and I do in basic interaction. She is connecting emotions and action in her own way. I make no veracity claims connected with cognitive development--only that her relational development is accelerating. I find this development a joy to watch. I imagine the joy of God as we are watched.


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