Sunday, October 30, 2005

Potty training is kicking my butt--more like shaming it

I know that I can stand to be a more attentive father. I know this. Save your comments in that direction. I also do not need any consolation.

I know that thousands upon thousands upon thousands of diapers go in landfills every day.

I don't have time to interpret every single look on the face of this little girl to determine if it is a #1 face or a #2 face. I sit kks on the toilet. Often. Maybe not as often as I should. But I do. This girl has enough control to hold things in when she wants to. Which leads me to believe that she is ready for the transtion into big girl pants. She waits until she can get into her play room, shut the door and read a book. Maybe kks has been watching her father...

How do you get inside the head of an nearly 3 year old?

Of course, the rage in parenting and environmentalism is infant potty training. Article after article mocks me as a parent. I can't get in the girl's kitchen about this one. She can't even be conquered by a suppository. Ask my mother about that one. Actually, maybe asking my mother is not the best idea, unless you want to hear about my toilet training and my toilet habits.

Research that one at your own risk. And feel free to donate to the therapy jar for kks.


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