Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Trick or Treat Liturgy

I try to keep a balance of "forcing" kks to do certain things and having her "discover things on her own." She was not so agreeable when it came to trick or treating--but I thought she should give it a preschool try. I wanted her to improve on last year's tally of one house.

Off we went into the night sky. As Yogi Berra once said, "It gets late early here." The night sky was startling in its earliness--back to Standard Time the night before.

She grasps routine quite well.

1. Point out the decorations on the house.
2. Walk up to the front door.
3. Ring the door bell.
4. Hear the remark about cuteness.
5. Say "trick or treat."
6. Open your bag to receive the treat.
7. Say "thank you."
8. Say "have a good night."
9. Repeat at the next house.

Kks knew the routine in stages without my prompts--especially "have a good night!" We visited 7 homes--almost all of the people we knew. Being young and cute seems to net extra treats. My earliest memory of Halloween was when I asked my mother if I could be a moustache for the festivities. I think she turned me into a cowboy with a large moustache an exclusive (?!) in the Sierra Heights neighborhood of Renton where I have this memory of walking around the blocks adjusting the fuzz on my face. I have some early memories of life--I wonder what kks will remember. My Spiritual Director said that this blog will be quite a gift to kks someday and may contribute to her memories. It is on this day we will remember that we created the trick or treat liturgy. Something a father-daughter combo of Lutherans would think of doing.


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