Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A rare thanksgiving

Since kks parents have become pastors, the Thanksgiving holiday follows a certain pattern.

1. The other side or my side of the family tree comes to us.
2. We travel a few hours to kks' mother's side of the family for the day.

This year looks a little different--it is exciting to travel to my brother Beaker and his wife's home in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, home of the Mighty Central Michigan University Chippewas. The scary part is how kks will do in the car for 12+ hours going each way. We are stocking up the car with activities to keep her occupied. The trip to Kansas went fairly well, minus the coughing spell that she would not let us treat. She sings, sleeps, takes in the scenery and chats--much like her mother and father would.

Usually the strain of 2 Thanksgiving Eve services would prevent us from traveling--but these Presbyterians are not into that Thanksgiving Eve worship thing. I don't even have to preach this Sunday, so the time to take a trip is right.

Let us hope we are ready and pray for traveling mercies.


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