Monday, December 12, 2005

Proud moments for parents

What is this salty, watery substance coming out of my eyes?

Kks was playing downstairs on Saturday having one of her many conversations with herself--at least she was enjoying her growing language abilities, when I heard a familiar tune from her mouth and a shout of "Go, Jayhawks!" I couldn't have taught her that tune more than five times...she picks things up quickly. Yes, I am proud, and I plan to employ kks utterances during the basketball season as the games become more important and as we watch more KU games on tv.

Many time kks' mother and I will say that kks' favorite food is whatever we're eating. That reached a proud moment for my wife as she drank a latte yesterday. Kks grabbed the large Nebraska Cornhusker latte mug (sorry, rev. darth) and said, "my coffee." Either she is truly enjoying the taste that I loathe, or she will go to great lengths to eat or drink whatever Mommy is consuming.

We are decorating the tree today--I have been teaching the song "O Christmas Tree." Kks has "Jingle Bells" down pat. She likes the Barenaked Ladies' version the best--it gets hoppin'.


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