Friday, December 09, 2005

More on the language explosion

Gathering at the dinner table, kks and I moved past the usual activity of praying and shoveling and into conversation. I make attempts to talk about what she does at preschool. I am hopeful for the future of this exchange.

Kks sees it as another opportunity to order me around. She asked me to cut her pizza into bites. I ate my pizza with my hands. She saw this as inappropriate and fetched me a fork. When I continued eating with my hands, she told me, "pizza on plate, use fork!" She did not say this to hear herself talk, kks made an order. So I ate with a fork. This articulation would not have happened six weeks ago, preschool has done wonders.

The reason I am awake this late/early? Kks decided to get up and demand many things. Sleeping with us. Reading a book, having a snack. Her mother has no problem getting back to sleep. Here I am, wide awake. Kks picks inconvenient nights to do this. At least she did not choose Saturday night...

Progress Report on Singing: Kks has nearly perfected a melodic sharing of "Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto." We're still working on "hitch up your reindeer, uhhhh (James Brown style, of course)!"


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