Friday, December 02, 2005

Playing In The Snow (in many ways)

We returned from our Thanksgiving jaunt one day later than we expected. Winter arrived abundantly Monday in South Dakota with blizzard conditions. Many communities in South Dakota continue to be without power. Single degree above and below zero are not healthy ways to live without electricity. News reports tell of neighbors checking upon neighbors to make sure they are okay.

Sioux Falls was basically spared, only slowed down. Our flight was cancelled Monday. Kks' uncle (my brother) drove us to the airport early Monday evening. Rather than spend the night in Grand Rapids, we flew to Minneapolis to call on the aid of our friends. This was better than spending the night in a hotel in Michigan. Our chances of getting home go up exponentially once we get on the ground in Minnesota.

Kks has become a veteran traveller. She knows that when she gets on a plane, her seat belt goes on. When we land and arrive at the gate, she chimes in "all done," and takes off her seat belt. Two habits we would love to break include kicking the seat in front of her, and bolting whenever she gets a moment alone (we forgot her toddler leash--we missed that device--it made security a harrowing experience).

Monday was only the introduction to weather-altered routines. Six inches on Wednesday. We're looking at another 7 inches today. I was supposed to travel to the western side of the state today--but snow-slowed travel on top of a 5 hour trip did not sound like fun after travelling over Thanksgiving. Kks and I took this opportunity to enjoy the snow. Snow pants, boots, the whole nine yards. She loves the snow like her father. Opportunity knocked to put up some Christmas lights--kks decided she wanted put objects in the electrical outlet. I cut this curiosity off--in disgust she threw off her mittens and hat. It was time to go inside. A cute time cut off by a tantrum.

But as my mother would say..."whaddaya expect? She's two."

We have banked some blessed times over these past several days. I love watching kks play with her aunt and uncles and grandparents. I can watch that all day. She likes being around her family. The girl is growing in many ways. Kks' mother and I are glad we have front row seats.

Although we don't sit that much.


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