Saturday, February 04, 2006

analytical mind developing, or just likes tv too much?

Recently I was commiserating with other parents about how we once said in more idealistic times that we would not park our children in front of the television as a way to get a break. It didn't take long for that ideal to slip. I can't say that I am proud that kks is media savvy at the age of 3. I love reading reports about how damaging television is to children. At this point I can only hope that together we can teach her to be a good media steward.

Media stewardship these days involves The Incredibles. We took this movie away for awhile because we thought it was too violent. In a weak moment, the movie made its way back into the rotation. Theories abound regarding why kks likes The Incredibles so much. She loves this film. This is a long film--1 hour 51 minutes. There is NOTHING that even comes close to holding her attention that long. Her mother says she has a crush on the boy character known as Dash. I think because she chooses this film over others is that Incredibles involves most complex plotline out of anything she watches. Is this an analytical mind at work? Maybe. Kks may not be able to articulate her cognition of complexity--but she seems to embrace complexity in certain forms.

One of kks favorite lines from the film? Elastigirl says: "You think we want to leave saving the world to the men? I don't think so...I don't think so."

I revealed this favorite to her mother. She responded: "That's my girl."


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