Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Taking a grandparent's perspective

After two weeks away from home, the idiosyncracies of kks become more vivid. Not that I want to make a frequent habit of going away, but those unique things that form the kks identity. Many grandparents see a grandchild less often and the day to day contact of a parent makes it more difficult to reflect upon the changes. Recent reflections:

Kks finds enjoyment sleeping on the floor--in a pile of blankets and stuffed animals, she makes her nest. Either we need to turn her 3-in-1 sleep place into a twin bed, or get rid of the bed all together.

Kks' latest fashion statement: she wears two headbands like a makeshift tiara, along with a band-aid on her forehead. What makes a little girl's fashion sense? What makes any of our fashion sense? My fashion must as a child had to do with shirts displaying numbers. Stay tuned about kks--she desires a more significant role in clothing and accessory choices.

One thing I will have a hard time getting over when that time passes: picking kks up from child care--the smile, the sprint toward me with outstretched arms shouting "Daddy!" I love that.


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