Sunday, March 26, 2006

A few profound moments in recent days

Because my scattered focus precludes me from vignette production, I offer these brief observations front the life of kks.

#1 While working in the home office, kks played with puzzles and playing cards in the living room. We made eye contact as I came out to check on her--the she proceeded to sprint past me shouting, "I gotta go poopy! I gotta go poopy!"

She made it to the poopy. We encourage that activity in this household.

#2 Kks grasps privileges. No movies until toys are placed in their proper containers. No treat until you sit on the potty, and so on. I like negotiation. Since I never pursued the fantasy of being a baseball general manager, I negotiate now with a three year old, and I get my kicks that way. I can hear my mother, Dr. Spock, or someone else saying not to negotiate with a three year old (or maybe I'm making this up). On this topic, I'm going for enjoyment. Let's negotiate, munchkin.

#3 Kks is getting into doing chores. She set the table today. If we ate together more often, we might be able to use this skill to its full potential. At least she eats dinner with us on most days. I wonder how long it is before she can fetch me a beer...


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