Friday, March 10, 2006

Annual check up for kks

We went to the doctor today for the annual "well child visit." Kks remembers the doctor, not because of the health care he gives, but because of the balloons he gives. At least she remembers.

Vital statistics for this 3-year-old

40.5 inches (100th percentile)
37 pounds (85th percentile)

The doc asked a few developmental questions.

Can she brush her teeth? Yes--if I brush my own teeth simultaneously. She is able, but it is still difficult.
Can she wiggle her thumb? Yes, after I showed her what to do. She thought is was damn funny.
Can she put on a t-shirt? Depends on how good her aim is on that particular day.
Can she walk on her tip-toes? Okay--enough performing, doc and dad.

This was not a complete developmental screening. However, the Sioux Falls School District does free developmental screening so that they can deal with any issues before Kindergarten starts. It's nice to know Sioux Falls can do something well--I'll reserve my judgment until after the screening.

Kks did receive her balloon--two heart balloons twisted together to form a butterfly.


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