Saturday, February 11, 2006

Evolution of Sunday mornings

Kks and her parents move through various stages in getting to church on Sunday mornings--the tortures of being a double PK.

1. The Early Months--Get kid out of crib. Stock at least 20 diapers and 30 outfits. Feed. Place in baby car bucket. Get to church. No problem. Biggest obstacle? Poop.

2. Early Toddler Stage--What the hell are you getting me up at 6 am for? Kks screams her lungs out and fights getting ready every step of the way. Go to church flustered where the caregiver meets us.

3. Late Toddler Stage--We get smart and have the sitter come to our house at 7 while kks still sleeps. Brilliant. Why didn't we think of that sooner?

4. Beginning of Little Girl/Big Girl Stage--Sunday School Preview! The congregation I serve offers child care for 4 and below and has Sunday School for ages 2 and up. I did not think I would be able to stir that stew in the morning. The joyful part is watching kks participate in Sunday School and take to the many people who keep watch. She seems to genuinely enjoy it. One of the fun parts is watching kks lug her backpack into the church. We feed the fish, head to the potty, have a snack and say hi to some of the staff. If I wasn't such a freak show over the details I could make this a regular arrangement. Fifty dollars in the therapy jar for depriving kks of a routine...but considering the circumstances, we have a good set up.

We have a care giver coming tomorrow morning. I will miss kks, but I need the space to work tomorrow morning. Just as I get used to this pattern, change will come again. Such is the Circle Game, sang Joni Mitchell.


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