Friday, June 30, 2006

A developing love for swimming

My wife held out the hope for a Friday night routine of a family swimming out. I believe she received her wish.

I don't particulary like swimming--even though my mother's side of the family and one of my younger brothers succeeded at various level of competitive swimming. I enjoyed hanging out at the pool until the end of middle school years--at swim clubs, the pool of a family friend, swimming at the lake. I hold faded memories of gasping for air trying to complete a lap during swim lessons at the Lakeridge Swim Club. Swimming as a training regimen---ugh. My wife and daughter love the pool. Kks needs swimming lessons for all of our sakes, the girl is a daredevil.

A potential crowd at the swimming pool always turned me off from a family outing. However, I was assured Friday evenings in the summertime attracted a sparse gathering of swimmers. Considering finding activites kks engages in high enthusiasm, a Friday night swim is a no-brainer. This is one activity we don't have to push the issue for her to get ready. She gets dressed on her own and talks about swimming. She climbs in the car and into her car seat. She was ready to go at 4 pm this afternoon--I had to go out to the car and coax her back indoors until it was time to leave at 630 pm. Tonight was our 4th family outing to the pool--I enjoy the family time, and I've picked up a little training regimen. Maybe I have a mini-triathlon in my future?

Regardless--I find joy in the joy of my wife and daughter. I look forward to the conversations we may be able to develop--a two sentence interchange may be in our near future on the topic of swimming. This possibility may make me a swimming fan for life.


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