Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Gophers for a few days in August


With great thankfulness, our family prepares for two days of evaluation by pediatric neuroscience specialists at the University of Minnesota. We honestly thought we would be waiting until at least September or October. Though I am not a fan of the Big Ten, I may have to pull for those Gophers for the rest of my life for their willingness to take in kks ahead of time. I became accustomed to the nebulous concept of a condition for our little girl for which we grasped in the dark with theories and techniques that would somehow connect us with the world of our little girl. I know the doctors fail to hold omniscience or a silver bullet to take away all of the mysteries and obstacles of kks' brain. But, we have to know more than we do today. Will we?

Sleep is hard to come by these days, and even when I get a moment of peace, I can't slow my thoughts. Kks fell asleep at 530 pm, and I wasted my opportunity. Damn curiosity.

I learned in speech therapy today that kks can actually interact quite well in one on one situations. Outside of these, she struggles mightily. Our mothers have known this for awhile about their granddaughter, yet now we have a context for those observations. Maybe this is why kks has few friends--in such a large class she will struggle to gain the extended one on one contact in order to make a significant connect. Of course, these are more theories. I love theory, but I am ready for practice.


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