Friday, September 30, 2005

new words are flowing...not all good

Great Gram called kks "a little magpie" a few months ago. Kks' ability to repeat words and phrases has increased, and with greater clarity. I find this clarity quite musical. There continues to be this garbled speech that I don't understand on a daily basis. This morning I said to her "it's time to go." She reapeated as if acting as my tape recorder. I have never found a child's speech so musical as with this little girl. Is it that she was made by the hand of God with the help of her parents? Is it that she likes me a lot more than she used to? I suppose I will enjoy the music and give thanks.

Not every kks utterance is musical. Language development is not under the scepter of parental control. Kks has responded to recent directives without even an appearance of thinking: "I don't want to ____________ (fill in the blank)." The blank was expanded this morning as she did not want to put on clothing. This statement was followed by "shut up." This is not a statement we use in our house. One caveat with that statement, we don't seem to have an issue with certain vulgarities coming from Mom and Dad's mouth (we have not crossed that bridge yet), so we don't claim to be paragons of holy speech. Shut up sounds rude--so we told her "shut up" would bring a time out. In our parental interpretation, it appears there was some level of understanding. Maybe Dad will receive a time out in the next few weeks...

Next week kks gets on an airplane for what may be her 6th or 7th round trip. I'm sure there will be something to say about that. Let's go see Nana and Grandpere and Great Gram and more of the fam damily!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

moving up on the popularity list

we have this joke in the household about who is the most popular if everyone living, breathing and pooping had a vote. for several months, the poll would have looked something like this.

1. mommy
2. kks
3. hunter, the doggie
4. daddy

on a recent trip to grandma and papa's house, what was once rumored seems true. daddy has moved up to #3. after kks had been left at grandma's for a few days, she had finally realized after a few hours that daddy had gone. she was not happy about it--walking around the house calling my name.

i was sad that kks had to endure this realization. but i am glad to have moved up the chart.

i have spent many days this summer hanging out with kks--doing the little things that sometimes i can miss. we had a date the other night to a local restaurant. kks wasn't eating much, but it was a time for just us. attention to the little things can make a big difference.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Going to Kids' Club at Church

i got a glimpse into kks' future. she loves to wear her backpack--just like she's going to school. these future peeks are more frequent these days. because of her size and cognitive ability, she has been moved up to preschool for a few hours each day. she towers over the toddlers. a good match, so i hear.

she was also invited to participate in the pre-k kids' club at church. i didn't think she could handle that much structure, and it was clear that some of the 5 year old boys thought this was too much baby stuff going on. kks likes the kinetic stuff--jumping, waving arms. standing up and sitting down. working on a craft project, gluing colored tissue squares to a picture of a dog. i've never observed kks for a long period of time in a group. she participates, but doesn't have extended interactions with any children. she has her own thing she wants to do.

i still don't understand the statement "she's growing up so fast."

it seems like we've had her for a long time...i like that pace.

maybe that perspective will change for me someday. despite the warnings, it still hasn't happened yet.

until then, i will enjoy the poetry of growth in kks.